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Dénes & Lánya Auditing Ltd.


  •  continuous book keeping, with data supply to the owners  /
  • payroll calculation and social security work 
  • tax advising 
  • establishment of companies, legal advising
  • appraisal activity
  • continuous and annual auditing 
  • settling the final accounts of companies 
  • managing companies in Hungary on behalf of foreign owners 



The period of the early nineties was a big challenge not only for Hungary but also for the whole Europe, – how the former socialist countries could be guided back to the free market conditions in a peaceful way. After having been working for one year in Sweden, Mr. Dénes decided to continue his career in his home country but not as an employee of a big auditing company but establishing his own company with the aim of offering services for the medium- and small-size foreign investors. Since that time the business philosophy of the company has not changed basically, however, by now also several big multinational companies take our services. More and more consolidated Hungarian companies are going to benefit by our services of international standard and our prices, which are fairly well adjusted to the Hungarian conditions.

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